Five worst people by profession

Terrible people often choose terrible professions.

You've probably known someone who chose a profession that was perfectly suited for who they are. If you've been lucky, they were good people who chose good careers. But we know someone who was more suited for one of these five terrible professions . 

5. Insurance Adjusters

They aren't at the top of the list, but if you've ever been in a car accident or had storm damage to your house, you know exactly how sleazy an insurance adjuster can be. 

There are certainly different types of adjusters, like independent adjusters who are hired by you to work in your own interest, but the adjusters we are talking about are the ones employed by the insurance companies, for the insurance companies. 

An insurance adjuster's job is to minimize the loss for the insurance company and to find every possible loophole or reason to not pay out the most for your claim. To make it worse, an adjuster's motives are written in plain sight. When you sign onto an insurance policy, the terms clearly state that you will always get the lesser amount... unless you agree to pay a higher premium. 

4. Lawyers

There are good lawyers, but most lawyers are Grade-A sleazebags. In particular, the worst kind of lawyer is an ambulance chaser, or one who advertises on local television, encouraging anyone who has been harmed to contact them and to join class action lawsuits.  

Worst of all, a lawyer's job is to enrich one party and to bankrupt or imprison another... all while making themselves rich. 

The second worst kind of lawyer is a defense lawyer, whose job it is to prove the innocence of killers, rapists and murderers. Prosecutors are often looked at as the "good guys", but they too are tasked with proving a person's guilt, even if that person may be innocent. When it comes down to it, it takes a certain level of deceit and sleaze to be a lawyer... even when you are fighting for someone's true innocence or trying to take a killer off the streets. At some point in your career, you have probably been made to lie, hide the truth and to destroy someone's life. 

Lawyers are also known for charging large fees for their services and for nickel-and-diming their clients. 

3. Tax Collectors

Some are probably wondering how tax collectors aren't at the top of this list. It so happens that taxes are an important source of revenue for governments to maintain roads, health care systems and military. Without taxes, we wouldn't have police and various other protections and services. However, that doesn't make people who choose to be tax collectors good people. 

Taxes are taken from us, not earned. We are all forced to pay them... and if we don't, a tax collector can ruin our lives. 

The difference between a private tax collector, who is tasked with collecting a legitimate debt, and between a tax collector is how far a tax collector is permitted to go, by law, to collect the taxes that are owed. Tax collectors can freeze your assets, lock you out of your house and repossess your belongings... all because you made an honest error on your last return. To be a tax collector, you must throw away any senses of empathy and morality. 

People who choose to be tax collectors are terrible people. 

2. Politicians

If there is a career that requires significant levels of moral depravity and dishonesty, a politician is one. To get their jobs in the first place, politicians need to win popularity contests, otherwise known as elections. To win, they often need to pander to the wealthiest and most corrupt of people in order to fund their campaigns and to reach enough potential voters. 

When they get elected, they often break their promises and define their careers by selling out and pandering to the lowest common denominator. 

Politicians often expose themselves as hypocrites, creeps, liars, cheats and aloof morons. Seldom does a large enough portion of the population love or respect a politician beyond what could be called a cult. 

Politicians have gotten us into wars, debt and trouble. They have passed laws that have ruined lives and catered to special interests. To become a politician, one must lie, cheat and defy all the common elements of dignity to survive.  

1. Car Salesmen

Car salesmen are the worst of the worst. More than politicians, their careers rely on deceit, charm and persuasion to earn a living. After they've sold you a lemon or an overpriced new car, they will quietly tack on extra fees, warranties and "insurance" coverages to make their commissions higher. 

They will act like your best friend until you sign the paperwork, then they will disappear into the sunset and ignore your calls when you find out they lied to you about that limited warranty and those heated seats.  A car salesman's job ends once he has convinced you to buy the newer, more expensive model with the ultra, super extended warranties and "free" oil changes. 

No money down? Sure, for a 10% interest charge they never told you about until the paperwork was signed. 

A car salesman's entire career depends on his ability to read you, charm you and then reel you in for the sale. A successful car salesman will be well trained in the most cunning and deceptive sales tactics, making him one of the most untrustworthy people you will ever meet.