Strange photos: What's creeping on Mars?

See the bizarre, official NASA photographs.

Most photos of Mars that come from alien hunters are easily explained by pareidolia, but once in a while some photos come along that can't be so easily explained. 

This is a quick glance at a few photos, some new and some old, that give compelling visual evidence to suggest that Mars may be home to some exotic plant life at the very least. Some of the images below are NASA satellite photos from the surface of Mars as well as some more recent photos from the NASA rover. A few of them are undeniably strange.

The latest photo is making its rounds on the internet after being discovered by an obscure alien hunter. It shows what some are claiming is an ancient tree stump. 

It may be a strangely formed rock that was beaten down over time into a bizarre, elongated shape... or it may very well be an ancient tree stump. Photographic evidence from a NASA satellite that orbits Mars backs up the possibility of plants and trees being present on the Martian surface.

The photo above could very easily be mistaken as a satellite shot of Earth, but it isn't. This is a NASA photograph of what appears to be a lake surrounded by trees on the surface of Mars. The photo was taken by the Mars Orbiter a few years ago. The Daily Mail  reported on the bizarre photos in 2013.

NASA has explained the appearance of lakes and trees as nothing more than a photographic illusion. 

Other satellite photos appear to show more detailed images of what appear to be tree-tops sprawling across the Martian surface in a spider-like formation. 

Of course, NASA has either not commented on many of these photos or has explained them as illusions created by shadows. Those explanations could very well be true, but most UFO and alien researchers aren't buying it. The next photo below is one that was also explained as nothing more than an optical illusion created by NASA's camera...

The photo appears to show perfect, square corners that have led some alien researchers to suggest it may be the base of a ruined structure or an ancient wall.

You decide.